10 Questions To Help You Choose The Right Commercial Property in Fort Myers

Considering an investment in Fort Myers? Opting for commercial property can be an excellent choice. In our latest post, we’ll guide you through 10 questions designed to assist you in finding the ideal commercial property in Fort Myers.

Investing in Fort Myers commercial real estate can be a very wise choice. There are many types of commercial investments you can make. You can buy office space, retail, manufacturing space and more. There are creative approaches, such as the purchase of a medical building, equipment and all and leasing the space to doctors looking for a place to set-up.

Or you could use a warehouse to develop a space for artists to create and sell their works. The list goes on and on. Your investment can not only bring in extra cash, but you have the opportunity to invest in something you love. Keep reading to learn more about determining the commercial property that is right for you in Fort Myers!

10 Questions To Help You Choose The Right Commercial Property in Fort Myers

Question 1: What is your budget?

Commercial property prices in Fort Myers exhibit significant diversity, encompassing everything from modest single-room office spaces to expansive strip malls housing multiple tenants. Each type of property carries its own unique set of financial considerations and potential returns. Before committing to a commercial investment in Fort Myers, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your financial capability. This involves not only evaluating the upfront costs and potential mortgage obligations but also understanding the long-term financial implications such as property taxes, maintenance expenses, and insurance premiums.

Moreover, calculating the Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) is crucial in determining the property’s investment potential. The GRM helps investors quickly assess how many years it would take for the property’s rental income to cover its purchase price. This metric, coupled with a detailed analysis of market trends and projected rental income, provides a clearer picture of the property’s profitability and overall value. By conducting thorough due diligence and financial analysis upfront, prospective investors in Fort Myers can make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with commercial property investments, ensuring that the chosen property aligns with their investment goals and financial capabilities.

Question 2: Are you buying for your business or as an investment?

If you will have your business in the building itself, the property decision you make becomes much more personal. The building will need to meet all of your needs which include things like a reasonable commute time and anesthetic you personally find pleasing, ie, the layout has to work for your specific needs. You might want to consider purchasing a smaller building and leasing out some of the space to offset the cost of your loan.

If you are investing solely for investment purposes, the proximity to where you live becomes less important. It is unlikely that you will need to visit the building very often when you have good tenants in place.

Question 3: Are there leases with other tenants currently in place?

When considering a change in landlords, the implications can vary significantly depending on the terms of the lease and the new landlord’s policies. It’s crucial to thoroughly examine the lease agreement to grasp the implications of the change. Understanding policies on rent increases, potential modifications to the leased space, and other contractual details is essential. A change in landlords could potentially mean encountering stricter or more lenient policies regarding property alterations or tenant rights, which could significantly impact your comfort and flexibility as a tenant.

Moreover, transitioning between landlords may expose any inadequacies in the previous landlord’s paperwork or lease management. For instance, if the previous landlord failed to properly document modifications or neglected to enforce consistent rental pricing, new landlords might attempt to rectify these discrepancies. This could lead to adjustments in rental rates to reflect market value or repairs to standardize previously customized units. Consequently, tenants may face unexpected costs or adjustments as the new landlord seeks to regularize the property management and financial arrangements. Thus, while a change in landlords can potentially offer benefits such as improved property management or upgraded amenities, it’s crucial for tenants to be aware of the nuances in the lease terms and the potential financial implications that may arise.

Question 4: How much time can you dedicate to the property?

This brings us to our next question: how much time and effort are you willing to commit to managing your property investment? Choosing between a small storefront and a five-story office building involves more than just financial considerations; it requires a realistic assessment of your capacity to handle the responsibilities that come with each option.

Opting for a small storefront might seem less daunting initially, with fewer maintenance demands and potentially simpler tenant interactions. It could allow for a more hands-on approach, where you can directly engage with tenants and promptly address any issues that arise. Conversely, investing in a five-story office building presents a more complex scenario. Beyond the significant financial investment, you’ll need to allocate substantial time to manage maintenance across multiple floors, handle tenant concerns on a larger scale, and navigate the operational challenges inherent in a larger property. This scale of investment often demands a dedicated management approach, potentially requiring professional assistance or a significant personal commitment to ensure everything runs smoothly. Therefore, before making your decision, carefully evaluate not only the financial aspects but also your readiness to take on the managerial responsibilities associated with each property type.

Question 5: Will you need a property manager?

If you aren’t experienced handling a large commercial property, hiring a pro is a must. At least until you get a hang of it yourself. They can help you figure out the costs and ways to attract the right tenants. Not all property management services are the same. Compare a few, not only for cost but to find out what they help with.

Question 6: What’s your final goal?

Do you have a specific profit you are trying to achieve within a certain timeframe? Compare the ROI on many buildings before making your final purchase. Maybe you should “flip” commercial property as opposed to holding long-term. Or maybe you should consider a mixed-use building in a more on-demand area.

Question 7: Are you prepared for fixes on a larger scale?

If you have ten tenants, you can count on 10x more calls to the landlord. You will have ten sinks that can flood the place. Ten security deposits to manage and so on. With a large building, you can count on many more calls to the local handyman, if you don’t have someone working on-site full-time. On the flip side, something like a roof will cover all ten tenants at once. Upgrading this will have an effect on all of the tenants at once.

Question 8: What is the location like?

A great deal in a bad area might not attract the high-quality tenants you are looking for. Depending on the types of businesses, you will want to consider foot traffic and accessibility. Is it viewable from the main road? Is there adequate parking for visitors? You will also want to consider proposed development plans to see what the future of the area will bring.

Question 9: Will the time of year affect your investment?

In some parts of the country, businesses such as restaurants or service related fields will see a spike during certain times of the year. For example, many restaurants see an upswing of patrons during summer months. This is also the time you will see many new businesses popping up, all of which need a place to operate.

Question 10: Do you have a strong team?

In the realm of investing, seasoned individuals often emphasize the significance of a robust team. The strength of your team, comprising skilled professionals such as a reliable handyman, thorough inspector, meticulous title company accountant, and proficient attorney, collectively plays a pivotal role in transforming your investment aspirations into tangible reality.

If you are interested in buying commercial property in Fort Myers, we can help you find the property that is right for you! Send us a message, or give our team a call today! 239-360-3176 

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