4 Home Improvements To Make Before Selling This Summer in 33907

Are you thinking about selling your house this summer? If so, make sure you read this blog post all the way through to discover 4 home improvements to make before selling this summer so you can increase the likelihood that you can sell…

When is the best time to sell? Some would argue that the spring is the best time and the summer is a bit more challenging, with families going away on vacation.

But just because the summer isn’t always the best time to sell doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are 4 home improvements to make before selling this summer to increase the likelihood that you’ll sell faster and closer to the price you want to sell for.

Home Improvement #1. Clean Your Exterior

When potential buyers are looking for a home, they want one that will be easy and carefree to look after, and one that they can move into with the confidence that the previous homeowner took care of the home too.

One way to indicate that is by giving plenty of extra attention to the exterior of your home by cleaning it up.

Power wash the walls, weed the path, wash the windows, replace the missing downspout. These might seem like small actions but they can have a bit effect.

Home Improvement #2. Landscaping

landscape Home Improvements To Make Before Selling This SummerDon’t underestimate the power of curb appeal! While you don’t need to go all out with expensive landscaping features, dedicating some time to your yard can make a big difference. Start by prepping your garden beds. Turn over the soil to improve drainage and aeration, then add some colorful flowers to brighten up the space. Next, apply a layer of mulch around your trees to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and add a polished touch. Finally, to keep your lawn lush and green, consider using a targeted weed killer to eliminate unwanted plants and a fertilizer to give your grass the nutrients it needs to thrive. These simple steps will enhance your home’s exterior and create a welcoming first impression.

Maybe plant a bush or two. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a big impact.

Home Improvement #3. Paint The Exterior

Over time, especially in older homes, the paint on door and window trim can take a beating. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause fading, while everyday wear and tear might lead to chipping. This can create a tired and neglected look in your home’s interior. The good news is that a fresh coat of paint is a relatively simple and inexpensive fix. What’s more, it can be done in a short timeframe, making it a perfect weekend project. A quick update like this can have a dramatic impact, transforming your space and making a big impression on potential buyers. Freshly painted trim adds a touch of polish and instantly elevates the overall feel of your home.

Home Improvement #4. Add A Deck

decking Home Improvements To Make Before Selling This SummerDon’t worry if a small deck seems like a big project! Adding one to your backyard is actually quite affordable. And let me tell you, it will completely transform your outdoor space. Suddenly, your backyard will feel much more inviting and perfect for those family barbecues you’ve been dreaming of. Imagine grilling up burgers and hot dogs while the kids play games on the new deck. You can even set up a comfy seating area for after-dinner conversation under the stars. A small deck is a great way to extend your living space and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Some homeowners might balk at the expense but if it’s the difference between selling now versus selling later, it just might be worth it!


The summer is a pretty good time to sell a house but you can still help to speed up the process a bit by making these 4 home improvements to make before selling this summer. You’ll be glad you did!

If you’d like to sell faster and spend less time and effort and money on these improvements, why not sell directly to a home buyer like us? We’ll give you a fair all-cash offer to buy right away. Click here now and fill out form or call our office at 239-360-3176

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