5 Ways to Sell Your Fort Myers House in a Flooded Market

Selling your house in a flooded market can feel challenging. When an abundance of properties are listed, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd. Everyone is trying to sell right now and cash in on the gains made in equity due to rising home prices and low-interest rates on their next home. Additionally, as the rise in unemployment steadily increases and mortgage forbearance comes to an end, more housing will be coming online. Eventually, this will lead to a correction in housing values as supply begins to outpace demand. Read on to learn these five ways to sell your Fort Myers house in a flooded market.


Staging your home is a strategic way to attract buyers in a competitive market like Fort Myers. It’s all about creating a blank canvas that allows potential buyers to see the space’s full potential and imagine themselves living there. By using neutral tones throughout the house, you remove any personal color preferences and create a sense of openness. This allows buyers to envision their own furniture and decor fitting seamlessly into the space. Decluttering is equally important. Excessively filled rooms feel smaller and create a sense of disorganization. By clearing out clutter and unnecessary personal belongings, you showcase the functionality and spaciousness of the home, making it more appealing to a wider range of buyers.

For those who want to take their home staging a step further, incorporating principles from feng shui can be an interesting approach. Feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, focuses on creating harmony and positive energy flow within a space. By following specific guidelines regarding furniture placement and arrangement, supporters of the practice believe it can improve the overall feel and energy of the home. While not everyone subscribes to the principles of feng shui, it can add an extra layer of intrigue and potentially attract buyers who value a balanced and positive living environment.

Owner Financing

Offering perspective buyers the added bonus of owner financing is a creative way to sell your Fort Myers house in a flooded market. This usually involves a large down payment and a contract with a specified period, usually shorter than conventional loans. Typically the purchase price of the home can be set above the current market value, because the price is being set at the agreed-upon price now, for a purchase in the future. This type of financing usually carries a higher interest rate as well. Should the buyer default, the seller will keep all the monies collected to date, because you retain full ownership of the property until the completion of the contract.

Advanced Marketing

Using advanced marketing techniques is another way to sell your Fort Myers house in a flooded market. Because so many homeowners now advertise on the internet, you’ll need to ensure that you take advantage of the top-rated sites and pay for more exposure, skipping the flooded sites that list homes without charge. Additionally, to compete, invest in professional photography for an outstanding image gallery, as well as providing 360-degree virtual tours filmed by professional drone pilots.


In a flooded market, where there are more sellers than interested buyers, getting your house in front of the right people is key. Networking can be a powerful tool to achieve this, even though it requires some effort upfront. Here’s how it can help you sell your house in Fort Myers.

Start by building relationships with professionals in the real estate industry. This includes not just a skilled realtor who has experience selling flooded homes, but also inspectors, contractors, and even mortgage lenders. When these professionals encounter potential buyers looking for a home in your area, especially those comfortable with fixer-uppers, they’ll be more likely to recommend yours if they know you and have a positive impression. Beyond real estate professionals, explore investment clubs. Many of these groups hold regular meetings, both online and in person, where members discuss potential properties. Attending these meetings allows you to showcase your house directly to a pool of interested investors who might be looking for a good deal on a flooded property. Social media groups focused on real estate can also be a valuable resource. By actively participating in discussions and highlighting your house’s unique features, you can connect with potential buyers who might not have found your listing through traditional channels. With a little time and effort, networking can significantly increase the number of people who know about your house and improve your chances of a successful sale in a competitive market.

Sell Directly to Core Real Estate Properties

Wary of the possibility of your house lingering on the market? Whether you list your home on your own or sell with a real estate agent, there is no guarantee of if or when your house will ever close. With so many properties listed, the quickest and easiest way to sell your Fort Myers house in a flooded market is to sell directly to Core Real Estate Properties. Why lose time waiting for a closing that never happens because your buyer’s financing falls through, while you continue pouring more money into your property? Do you dread the headaches and hassles of the showing process? If you are finding yourself facing time restrictions, don’t want to invest even more into your property, or just want to simplify the process of selling your Fort Myers house, send us a message call 239-360-3176 today!

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