How to Sell Your Fort Myers House if it Requires Major Repairs

One of the biggest hurdles homeowners may face is the need to sell while being aware of the need for major repairs. As a result, you may feel defeated, wondering who will buy your home in this condition or how much they might offer. 

Stop worrying. Read on to discover how to sell your Fort Myers house if it requires major repairs.

List As-Is

Selling a house that needs major repairs through a traditional realtor can be a waiting game fraught with uncertainty. You’re placing a lot of trust in your realtor’s ability to find a buyer willing to overlook the repairs and potentially pay your asking price. This can be a lengthy process, especially depending on your local market. Even if a buyer is found, negotiations often lead to a significantly lower sale price than you initially anticipated. On top of that, the traditional selling process comes with a slew of additional costs. Realtor commissions, which can be a hefty percentage of the sale price, closing fees, and marketing expenses can all take a big bite out of your profits. By the time the sale is finalized, you might find yourself with a much smaller return than you were hoping for.

Core Real Estate Properties offers an alternative approach. They are direct buyers, which means they eliminate the middleman and all the associated commissions. They’ll provide a transparent breakdown of your options: selling directly to them or going the traditional agent route. This clear picture empowers you to make the best choice for your situation, potentially saving you time, money, and the hassle of negotiations.

Touch Up and List

Another relatively inexpensive way to sell your Fort Myers house is to do a cosmetic makeover making it more attractive to buyers. Some quick and easy updates with reasonably little money will freshen the overall curb appeal to show the potential. People looking for homes may be more willing to become buyers for your Fort Myers house if it requires major repairs. Because it costs money to hold onto the home, such as any mortgage payment, taxes, and monthly utilities, your best option is to ask your agent their average time for a home that needs repairs to be on the market. Typically, homes in disrepair are considered bargain properties, tending to remain on the Fort Myers real estate market longer than ready to move into properties. You’ll need this information when you begin to add up your costs to sell the property, pay commissions and fees to your agent, market the home, and pay holding costs. 

Invest in Repairs and List

Selling a house in Fort Myers that needs major repairs requires careful consideration. While completing the repairs can fetch you a higher selling price, it’s crucial to approach this route strategically. First, get realistic estimates. Don’t rely on a single quote – obtain at least three from qualified professionals to get a well-rounded picture of the total cost. Factor in a buffer for unexpected issues, because during repairs, hidden problems can sometimes arise. Second, consider the time investment. Repairs can take weeks, even months, which means holding costs like property taxes and utilities will accumulate. Finally, compare the projected selling price after repairs minus all expenses, including holding costs and the repair bill itself, to the potential profit. This will help you determine if the repairs make financial sense.

If the prospect of repairs feels overwhelming, there’s another option to explore. Experienced real estate investors, like the direct buyers at Core Real Estate Properties, can be a valuable resource. They specialize in purchasing houses that need work and can offer a fast and hassle-free cash sale, allowing you to move forward without the burden of repairs.

Core Real Estate Properties

Working with Core Real Estate Properties is the easiest way to sell your Fort Myers house for the most money if it requires major repairs. You don’t need to clean for showings or touch up the property because Core Real Estate Properties buys homes as-is. Before making an additional investment repairing a property you no longer want, why not consult with an experienced professional from Core Real Estate Properties. The direct buyers at Core Real Estate Properties will go over every number used to develop an offer you agree is fair. Even better, Core Real Estate Properties can close in a matter of days or delay the closing for a date that works for you! To learn more ways Core Real Estate Properties can help you, send us a message or call Core Real Estate Properties at 239-360-3176.

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