5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling a House in Fort Myers

Don’t you want the most profit possible when you sell your home? Why settle for less when you could save yourself valuable time and possibly thousands of dollars by avoiding these five mistakes homeowners make when selling a house in Fort Myers. 


why overpricing can hurt your chances of selling a house in Fort Myers:

Understanding Market Value is Key to a Smooth Sale:

While you may be naturally attached to a high asking price, it’s crucial to set a price that aligns with the market reality in Fort Myers. Here’s why: informed buyers can quickly assess a home’s value online. If your listing is priced above similar homes in your area, they’ll simply move on to other options. This can lead to your house sitting on the market for a longer period.

Stale Listings Can Hurt Your Negotiating Power:

The longer a house sits on the market, the less desirable it can appear to potential buyers. They may start to wonder if there’s something wrong with the property, even if there isn’t. This can significantly weaken your negotiating position and potentially force you to accept a much lower offer than you would have received if your house was priced competitively from the start.

Over Personalized

Skipping on the staging of your home is another mistake many homeowners make when selling a house in Fort Myers. When you’re in a store and pick up a pair of shoes to try them on, do you want to see signs of use? Likewise, when buyers walk through a property and notice someone else’s belongings everywhere they look, it is difficult for them to visualize themselves in the space. The staging theory presents a neutral background that appears unclaimed. If you prefer to do any redecorating in your new home instead and avoid the showings, making a direct sale to a professional buyer like those at Core Real Estate Properties can save you the expense and trouble.


A fresh coat of paint is a budget-friendly yet powerful tool in your home selling arsenal. It can instantly transform a tired-looking space into a bright and inviting one, making your home feel much newer than it actually is. This positive first impression is crucial in today’s market, where buyers often make snap judgments during house tours.

Beyond paint, consider investing in some strategic updates. Replacing outdated appliances, worn flooring, or tired-looking cabinetry and countertops can make a significant impact on potential buyers. While these upgrades might seem expensive on the surface, the return on investment can be substantial. By making these improvements, you’ll avoid your home being seen as a “fixer-upper” that requires additional work before move-in. This not only attracts more buyers but also positions you to get closer to your asking price. Remember, buyers today crave move-in ready homes, and anything less might be seen as a bargain buy, leading to lower offers.

No Pre-Inspection

Failing to get a home inspection before listing your house in Fort Myers can turn a smooth sale into a stressful ordeal. While skipping the inspection might seem like a way to save time and avoid potential repair costs upfront, it can backfire in a big way. Legally, you’re obligated to disclose any problems you’re aware of, and unexpected issues uncovered during the buyer’s inspection can derail the entire process. Imagine being deep into negotiations with a great offer, only to have everything grind to a halt while repairs are made – a delay that could take weeks or even months. Even worse, the buyer might walk away altogether, leaving you back at square one.

If the thought of potential repairs and drawn-out negotiations gives you anxiety, there are alternative solutions. Companies like Core Real Estate Properties specialize in buying houses “as-is.” This means they’ll take your property in its current condition, eliminating the need for updates or repairs on your end. They can offer a fast and guaranteed closing date, taking the stress out of the selling process.

Unaware of Costs

Unfortunately, remaining blissfully unaware of the outlay of cash before the home sells is another mistake homeowners make when selling a house in Fort Myers. Having a clear picture of what you may be facing in expenses will put you in the position to handle your situation instead of being caught off guard. Some of these expenses are unknown repairs, monthly bills while holding the property during the listing or repair work, real estate commissions, professional photography, marketing, and staging. An experienced investor like those at Core Real Estate Properties will detail the profit you’d earn after the expenses of listing against our offer, so you can decide for yourself which is best.

Core Real Estate Properties makes it easy to sell your home. Why make any of the mistakes homeowners make when selling a house in Fort Myers when you can start on the right foot by calling Core Real Estate Properties at 239-360-3176 or sending us a message today! 

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