4 Things You May Not Know About Selling Your House With a Fort Myers Real Estate Agent

When most people consider selling their homes, the first step is usually the same: contacting a real estate agent. This is a logical first move, but it often leads to a flurry of questions and concerns. How much will the agent charge? What kind of fees are involved? And then there’s the mountain of work that seems to loom ahead – prepping the house, staging it, scheduling viewings… It can all feel overwhelming. But before you get discouraged, there are some key things you might not know about selling your home with a Fort Myers real estate agent. Keep reading to explore some of these hidden advantages and gain valuable insights into the process.


Imagine selling your house in Fort Myers and achieving your financial goals. The current average home price there sits around $375,000, which sounds great until you consider the agent’s commission. A standard 6% commission on that sale price translates to a hefty $22,500 disappearing from your profits. On top of that, there are listing fees, marketing costs to reach potential buyers, and professional photography expenses to showcase your property. By the time you factor in everything, a significant portion of your earnings can be lost. There’s a different approach, however. Consider a direct sale to a professional investor like those at Core Real Estate Properties. This eliminates the agent’s commission entirely, putting more money directly in your pocket. With Core Real Estate Properties, you’ll receive a transparent offer upfront, one you agree is fair. That offer translates to the exact amount you’ll walk away with in cash at closing – no hidden fees, no surprises.


There’s definitely some truth to the uncertainty around selling timelines with a real estate agent. While a good agent can provide insights based on similar homes in your area and current market conditions, predicting an exact timeframe for your specific property is difficult. Unlike an agent, a direct sale to a professional investor can offer more control over the closing date. These companies typically have streamlined processes and are accustomed to working with sellers who need a guaranteed closing date to align with their moving plans. This can be a good option if the waiting game of the traditional market is a turnoff for you. However, it’s important to remember that there may be tradeoffs involved. For instance, direct sale offers might come in lower than what you could get through negotiations on the open market.

Not the Only Solution

Something else you may not know about selling your house with a Fort Myers real estate agent is that other options can help you sell your home. For example, maybe the thought of vacating the premises repeatedly for showings during your dinner is not for you. Or, perhaps you have a mountain of repairs that need completion before listing, and you would rather not endure living in a construction zone or paying to repair and update a home you are leaving behind. Another solution to sell your home is through a direct sale for your house as-is. When you work with a direct buyer like those at Core Real Estate Properties, you will receive all of the details on how much you could sell for on the traditional MLS with an agent vs. how we reached the offer for your home as-is which you will agree is fair. 

Core Real Estate Properties

Ditch the open houses and drawn-out negotiations! Selling your house directly to a buyer at Core Real Estate Properties allows you to bypass the traditional agent route and its associated costs. You’ll save on commissions, which can be a significant chunk of your sale price. Additionally, you’ll avoid the time commitment of showings and the stress of keeping your home picture-perfect for potential buyers.

At Core Real Estate Properties, we understand Fort Myers‘s housing market inside and out. We’re not just out for a quick sale; we want to ensure you make the best decision for your needs. That’s why we offer a free consultation where we’ll walk you through the direct buyer process and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire selling experience, even after the closing. Contact Core Real Estate Properties today at 239-360-3176 to learn more about how selling directly can benefit you.

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