Should You Rent Out Your House in Fort Myers Long-Term or Short-Term?

Do you want to rent out your house? Long-term and short-term rentals are desirable areas of the Fort Myers market to build a diversified real estate investment portfolio. While both styles can create wealth for your retirement, each is a separate niche that investors should consider carefully in terms of risk and income. In addition, the desirable features for short-term rentals can differ from long-term ones; it is beneficial to determine which sector you’re investing in first and seek out those amenities best suited to your goals when buying Fort Myers property.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should rent out your house in Fort Myers long-term or short-term, read on to learn more. 


Long-term rental agreements have long been the standard for real estate investors, and the reasoning for this method of income includes:


Renting out your property in Fort Myers with a long-term lease offers several advantages, even if the overall profit margin might be slightly lower compared to short-term rentals. The key benefit is the stability and predictability of income. Long-term leases typically lock in tenants for a year or more, providing a consistent stream of rental income that you can rely on for budgeting and financial planning. This stability is especially pronounced in family neighborhoods with good schools. Because these areas are desirable for families looking to establish roots, renewal rates for long-term leases tend to be high. This means less time spent finding new tenants, advertising vacancies, and dealing with the disruptions caused by frequent move-ins and move-outs.

Another advantage of long-term rentals is the reduced wear and tear on your property. When tenants view your house as their home for an extended period, they are more likely to treat it with care. This translates into fewer minor repairs and maintenance needs. Additionally, long-term tenants often handle basic upkeep themselves, taking care of tasks like replacing burnt-out light bulbs or maintaining the lawn. This frees you up from having to deal with these minor inconveniences, allowing you to focus on more significant repairs or property management duties.


Renting out your house in Fort Myers long-term can offer several financial advantages that can make it a worthwhile investment. One key benefit is that your tenants will be responsible for paying the utilities. This means you won’t have to worry about fluctuating water or electricity bills, or budgeting for spikes in energy use. This can provide significant cost predictability, especially as utility costs can fluctuate depending on the season and usage.

In addition to predictable utility costs, long-term rentals typically require less overall maintenance and upkeep. With reliable tenants who stay for extended periods, you’ll likely find yourself needing to address minor issues less frequently. You can also save on cleaning expenses since there will be fewer turnovers requiring professional deep cleaning between tenants. Long-term tenants are more likely to take care of the property, reducing the need for frequent professional cleaning services. Finally, since vacancies and tenant turnovers are less frequent with long-term rentals, you’ll spend less on marketing and advertising to find new tenants. This can translate to significant cost savings over time.


The short-term rental sector is growing steadily across the globe due to the demand brought on by recent societal changes. Where hotels and motels once served for business or travel for personal matters, such as an ill family member, visitors to Fort Myers now turn to short-term rentals for more than vacations, preferring privacy and interactions with as few people as possible. Real estate investors find this method worth their while for the following reasons:

Bad Tenants

When you rent out your house in Fort Myers for the long-term and get stuck with a less than perfect tenant once, you come to appreciate tenants who stay for short-term visits. If the worse should occur, it’s good to know more troublemakers will soon be out of your hair. When you rent for short terms, you’re also free to sell at any time, with no concerns about removing unacceptable tenants from the property.


When you rent out your house in Fort Myers short-term, you can charge a higher nightly rate and set minimum stay requirements. Additionally, you can charge higher rates for special days like weekends or significant holidays and special events in Fort Myers. You also save money on short-term rentals with lower maintenance costs; typically, turnovers require thorough cleaning and little else; there is less general wear and tear on flooring, fixtures, and appliances.

The pros at Core Real Estate Properties can help you determine which is right for you when you rent out your house in Fort Myers. 

Core Real Estate Properties can help you find just the investment you’re looking for; we have a steady inventory of rental properties available. Let Core Real Estate Properties walk you through the numbers and see for yourself which rental style meets your bottom line. Our experienced team at Core Real Estate Properties can help you rent out your house in Fort Myers with as much of the management of your properties as you wish. Contact Core Real Estate Properties today at 239-360-3176.

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