Ways To Save Money When Selling Your Fort Myers House

Ways To Save Money When Selling Your Fort Myers House

Do you have a Fort Myers property you want to sell? If so, you will likely want to save money wherever you can! In our latest post, we will help you learn how to save money when selling your home in Fort Myers!

Selling a house in Fort Myers through conventional means can become quite costly. Before committing to a listing agreement with a local Fort Myers real estate agent, it’s essential to consider all available selling methods. In certain situations, opting for a traditional listing may not be the most financially prudent decision. Take into account the various costs associated with a Fort Myers listing before finalizing any agreements, ensuring that you make the wisest decision for the financial well-being of your Fort Myers property.

Save Your Money

Skip The Agent

An agents commission can be upwards of 6% of the final sale price. If your house sells for $200,000, your agent will be entitled to $12,000. That is a huge chunk of cash if you are looking for ways to sell your house that don’t cost an arm and a leg. In addition, many agents will have other costs they tack on such as marketing, photography, administrative and printing costs. If you do hire an agent, make sure you know what is included in their service and what you will be paying extra for.

Sell As-Is

Opting to sell your house as-is to a local investor offers the advantage of saving not just on commissions but also on repair expenses. It’s crucial to choose a reputable company like Core Real Estate Properties to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. When you collaborate with us, there’s no need for repairs, cleaning, staging, or incurring storage costs. Additionally, selling as-is eliminates concerns about negotiations arising after the home inspection process, providing a hassle-free selling experience.

Sell Now Instead Of Later

Ask any investor, and they will tell you that the longer you own a house, the more it will cost you. Every day you are listed as the owner, you are paying utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. By selling your house quickly to a local investor, you will be able to immediately start saving by eliminating these costs now instead of months down the road.

If You Decide To List…

When you think of all the costs involved in listing your Fort Myers house, you will want to make sure that the money you are spending, will provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Good Photos

Compelling listings demand exceptional photos. To achieve this, consider enlisting the services of a professional photographer and, if needed, a stager to enhance the property’s presentation. Having amateur or sloppy photos can easily lead to your house being overlooked, as potential buyers may quickly scroll past. Invest the time and effort to stage your home and capture professional photos to generate maximum interest and expedite the selling process.

Price It Right

Numerous houses linger on the MLS due to incorrect pricing. Resist any pressure from agents to list at an inflated price, hoping to attract an unsuspecting buyer. Instead, assess the market and price your property based on comparable sales. If you consistently lower the price, potential buyers may interpret it as a red flag, perceiving issues with the house or sensing desperation to sell. Opt for a successful listing by pricing the house accurately from the outset, avoiding the pitfalls of overpricing and subsequent reductions.

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