How To Find Amazing Investment Deals in Florida

How To Find Amazing Investment Deals in FloridaOwing to the shaky job market, a volatile stock market, and the popularity of certain TV shows, more and more people are looking to real estate investing for financial security.

And for good reason: real estate is a fairly safe investment with the potential for better returns than other kinds of investing. But with more people flocking to real estate, it’s getting harder to find the deals. So here are a few ideas on how to find amazing investment deals in Florida.

How To Find Amazing Investment Deals in Florida

Don’t Ignore Craigslist

Despite its longevity, Craigslist remains a potent platform that is often overlooked. It continues to be a go-to place for people to advertise items for sale, including real estate, or to express interest in buying. While you can certainly post ads stating your intention to buy real estate or browse listings for properties on sale, there’s another strategy on Craigslist that can be even more effective.

And that is to look for posts by landlords advertising rental property. Now, you’re not looking for property to rent, but this can be a good back-door way to find amazing investment deals in Fort Myers, Florida.

Landlording can be and usually is an ongoing hassle and a major headache. And a lot of landlords would jump at the opportunity to sell their property and be rid of all that. So just call them up and explain that you’re not interested in renting, but want to buy investment property. You’ll often strike gold. They may not be interested in selling the advertised property, but it’s likely they have other properties they do want to sell – and at a good price.

Peruse Eviction Records

Indeed, examining eviction records can provide valuable insights, and similarly, perusing Craigslist ads can be an effective way to identify landlords with affordable properties who may be open to selling. For landlords, the eviction process is often demanding, both in terms of time and expenses. Having gone through such a challenging experience, some landlords may be inclined to exit the rental business, presenting an opportunity for potential buyers looking for affordable properties.

In most places, evictions are on public record. So you can find out who is in the middle of an eviction and then make them an offer on the property. Often, a landlord in the middle of an eviction will be a motivated seller.

Hop in Your Car and Drive Around

The good thing about this one is that it’s an enjoyable way to find amazing investment deals in Florida. Driving around and observing houses in local neighborhoods and in neighboring towns can be a good way to locate some amazing investment deals.

As you drive around, you want to be on the lookout for properties that appear to be distressed or vacant. For example, is the grass almost knee high, or is the mailbox overflowing with uncollected mail? These are indications that the house is probably vacant. Or, again, is there a tarp in the roof or pieces of siding missing? These indicators of a distressed property can be signs of a possible good deal for investors.

All you need to do then is contact the owner by phone or mail and make an offer. Such owners are also likely to be motivated sellers. And all it will cost you is a little time and gas.

Absolutely, discovering exceptional investment deals in Florida is feasible by employing effective search tactics and strategies. However, it’s also wise to seek assistance from qualified real estate investing professionals. Collaborating with experts in the field can provide valuable insights, guidance, and expertise, ensuring that you make informed decisions and maximize the potential of your investment endeavors.


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